Speerlight is an intuitive energy healing session to rediscover your soul essence and align with your true path and nature.

"I am often asked what Speerlight is in a way of explaining the modality used. It's not a thing, it's a resonance. Speerlight is a concept, not a method. Therefore every experience, tools used, information channeled and whether present or long distant work is being done is unique each time; the connecting to this source remains true."  -Ananda

NEW modality  Nacre

This can be an add-on to another service or held as it's own therapy. Nacre was birthed through these challenging times we are dealing with. I wanted to find a way to not only heal from what one is going through but to become resilient and actually thrive through these times. I thought about how an oyster that receives an irritant creates a mucous coat and instead of covering the issue, rolls over and works with it to create Nacre (mother of pearl) which is described as "strong, resilient, illuminous". The process begins with a basic energetic clearing, then using a vial programmed with the frequencies of the current environment from pollutants, astrological, events (from climate changes, news, media, political to spiritual what's on a global consciousness level) and the client's current energetics programmed in another vial using "The Guardian" technology; we clear the disharmony through a technique similar to NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique). During the 10 minutes of clearing, a sound bath and energy healing is received. We finish with a homeopathic remedy to take orally as well as a programmed crystal in order to continue not only the clearing and healing but evolving to the luminous being that you are.

*Offered in person only $85

*$50 if added to another session ($35 savings)

Speerlight Therapy

Through a series of energetic scans around the person's body field, layers of information are retrieved and interpreted. The frequency of that information is tuned in accordance with one's signature imprint (soul frequency) and amplified if it assists with their higher design or "charted" (re-positioned with a shift in frequency, imprint and pattern) to recreate, harmonize and connect with one's higher self. 

"Seek to be free from imprints and patterns so that you can connect and recognize your true self and develop the courage to live it!" *Offered in person or long distance $150

*Senior (65+), Minor (17-), and First Responders Discount $110

Speerlight Timescape

An enhanced time reactivation healing session by bringing moments in one's life; with the assistance of energy work to support and allow healing, activation and insight from a higher perspective. The session is conducted on the healing table, playing a personalized music selection chronologically through the different eras in the client's life; while energy is continuously being worked through to allow a deep experience in moments in time connecting through 3 perspectives- the person they were, the understanding now and the wisdom that heals from the infinite self. *Offered in person only. $200

*Senior (65+), Minor (17-), and First Responders Discount $150

Speerlight Check-In

Sessions are for clients that have recently received a full Speerlight session and are still processing the previous healing and information. Many times it is there to assist in understanding and integrating the new patterns occurring and to receive an energetic attunement to help the continued support on their soul signature frequency. *Offered long distance only. $75

Speerlight Space Clearings/ Matrix Balancing

Sessions working with house clearings, land reclaiming harmony and multi-faceted relationship dynamics from the family relations to work space environment. These clearings are to create a harmonious field for all involved and to release the energies and entities that are lost in that field. *Offered long distance only. $75

Speerlight Energetic Clearing Individual
Session working with releasing in 3 phases of energetic balancing and clearing so that one comes back to their state of wholeness "My body, spirit, mind and no other." Level 1 - environmental/ spatial energy balancing which I refer to as negative/ low level energy that can create a heavy, ungrounded, unhealthy etc. vibrational pattern in one's field Level 2- conscious energy force that is manipulative and holding space in one's sphere from entity, possession, demonic, ET... Level 3- has a parasitic and hook feel that is connected to another feeding, draining and restraining one's free will and Divine expression. This field is from cord cutting, karmic and Universal imprints, contracts and curses. *Offered in person or long distance $50