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 Ananda Kirti Kaur has been a practitioner of the healing arts through energy work, movement, sound, metaphysical and spiritual practices for over a decade. She is co-founder of Activate Crystals- a crystal and metaphysical platform that offers accelerated stones, crystals, metaphysical, spiritual and healing tools through products, classes, healing sessions and ceremonies. Ananda created her own healing modality referred to as Speerlight. Speer- "to seek, sought after" Light- "awareness, illumination, source, life." integrating energy healing, intuitive reading, sound through the gong and other instruments, crystal & oracle card gridding; along with clearing the blocks within one's field. She developed fusion classes 3 Ki's (Taiji, Qigong, Reiki) and 3 Ki’s Flow (3 Ki’s done in water), KiNidra and KiNidra Float- Yoga Nidra with Reiki; the Float is while submersed in a warm body of water; as well as her Kundalini with Gong bath classes. Monthly offerings are "Come Together" full moon event with cacao, gong bath, and Reiki- proceeds for Spread the Love foundation and "New Dance Rhythm''- a celebration for the new moon with blue lotus tea, guided imagery, ecstatic dance and healing energetics for new beginnings. 

Activate Crystals launches Aug 1st, 2022!

Please email for more information or inquiries on receiving a Speerlight Session


Activate Crystals is a tribe of light warriors committed to the planetary ascension of Gaia and all living beings that are here to experience this shift. Our mission is to utilize her gifts to bring connection and healing to our soul brothers and sisters by activating one's divine blueprint to "Remember Who You Are".

We are specialized in carrying specific stones, crystals, grids, metaphysical tools, instruments, herbs, tinctures, incense, jewelry, conscious wear and accessories that are known to assist in one’s spiritual awakening, connection to All, access to Truth and one’s soul gifts to be used and shared with others. The crystals have been individually selected; all ceremoniously cleansed and charged to vibrate at an accelerated frequency to assist with the transformation happening within the planet and the growth, healing and activation within oneself.

We also offer a variety of services from in-person and virtual whether it's to receive healing, joining us for one of our classes, workshops, retreats or gatherings; as well as our educational, collaboration and community outreach. We are honored to meet you where you're at and humbled to be part of this ascension together.

This is not a trick of the eye having the 2 light windows within this natural smoky citrine with the amazing record keeper pyramid on top and the access key to the left side. Those are double jump portals! Will be featured and available 8/1/22 on

Meet the crystals at one of these events

 Journey to Ananda- available at Taspen's, Swim4Life & Activate Crystals online

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My sweet dog Trinity is featured as the monkey within this beautiful story that brings these healing tools of "Grounding", "Shaking the Tree" and "Sat Kriya" to children and adults alike. 


Coming This Fall @ Taspen's in Conifer and Swim4Life Evergreen KiNidra